I.C.O.E. Bracelets are custom engraved with your emergency contact numbers along with a fun design or allergy and medical information. Our bracelets are 100% soft silicone. We laser engrave your personal info on the outside of the bracelet. We do not engrave on the inside of the bracelet but if you want to be discreet, we can use a smaller font for the info. The engraving won’t wear or wash off and cleans up with soap and water. The bracelet is so soft you won’t know you have it on.

Each bracelet has “In Case of Emergency” engraved followed by 1 or 2 emergency contact phone numbers. If you don’t need the numbers or the “In Case of Emergency” wording please check the boxes indicating so.

Help EMT’s by putting the critical info needed for the one wearing the bracelet. It makes their job much easier.

Add-On Designs are available for allergy and medical bracelets. These are truncated designs added to the allergy or medical info. It can make the difference in a child wanting to wear a bracelet vs. having to wear one. There is a drop-down menu that shows the designs offered.

We offer 2 designs. One with the crossed-out symbols that can be used for up to 4 allergies. The other design is the “Allergies:” listing. We do not have a limit on how many allergies you can put on a bracelet. It depends on the size ordered and the allergy wording that counts. If you want medical treatment included such as “Use EpiPen” or “Carries EpiPen”, we will create a layout that accommodates or will contact you directly for further direction.

All medical bracelets have the medical symbol and if prescriptions are noted such as blood thinners, we’ll add the Rx symbol as well if it fits. Since each layout is custom based on your information, the medical symbol may be between 2 conditions or preceding all the information.

We offer 50+ designs to choose from in addition to your 1 or 2 emergency contact numbers. The drop-down menu shows what the design looks like. Note: we will not put a child’s name on their toddler size bracelet for security reasons. If you want it, please state so on your order. No problem on other size bracelets. If there’s a design you’d like, drop a note and we’ll try and make it for you.