I.C.O.E. Emergency Bracelets

Kids wander off. Waiters make mistakes. Accidents happen. When you can’t speak for yourself, your I.C.O.E. Bracelet provides critical information to get you and your loved ones the help you really need.
  • Effective: preventing mistakes & reuniting loved ones
  • Comfortable: soft, flexible silicone
  • Durable: will not wear or wash off
  • Safe: hypoallergenic and latex-free
  • Convenient: no metal, Velcro, buckles or clasps
  • Stylish: customizable and comfortable
  • Easy: soap and water clean up
Allergic to peanuts, gluten or dairy? Penicillin, ibuprofen or morphine? No matter your body’s intolerance, feel confident knowing your life-threatening allergies and emergency contact numbers are engraved on your I.C.O.E. Allergy ID Bracelet.
All your medical conditions, prescriptions and your emergency contact numbers in one easy place. EMTs and your friends and family will thank you!

Since you can’t keep your children by your side forever, put an I.C.O.E. Bracelet on them so they’ll be wearing your cell number on their wrist. In emergency situations, children often can’t recall where they live, their parent’s name or how to contact them. Feel confident if your child is lost or hurt, you’ll be contacted. For their safety, we will not put a child’s name on their bracelet.

It’s never going to happen to me – a fall on a bicycle, hit by a car, a medical or allergy episode. Be prepared and wear your I.C.O.E. Bracelet with your emergency contact numbers. Whether you live alone or just workout alone, having your emergency contact numbers on your wrist is the quickest way to help EMTs help you.


  • 1 or 2 Emergency contact phone numbers
  • Dozens of designs & colors
  • Great for kids & adults
  • Peace of mind
  • Engraving never wears or washes off
  • Soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic and latex-free
  • Washes with soap and water
  • No metal, Velcro, buttons, buckles or clasps