Child Emergency Contact Bracelets

Since you can’t keep your children by your side forever, put an I.C.O.E. Emergency Contact Bracelet on them so they’ll be wearing your cell numbers on their wrist. In emergency situations, children often can’t recall where they live, their parent’s name or how to contact them. Feel confident if your child is lost or hurt, you’ll be contacted when your child shows their bracelet to another parent or person of authority.

In addition to the phone numbers, we have 50+ fun designs to choose from so a child will want to wear the bracelet instead of has to wear it. An added layer of protection always provides peace of mind. For their safety, we will not put a child’s name on their bracelet.

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Child Emergency Bracelets


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Great product, my kids love them and love the security of knowing they have my number all the time. Seller is fantastic!

Perfect.. this will make me feel great when he is at school

Nice quality! My young boys wore them on our vacation and it was a nice reassurance for me to know their information was accessible.

Wonderful high-quality bracelets that my son loves to wear (he never takes them off!)

My toddler LOVES wearing his. Thank goodness for you. I may need to order another! Thank you.

This was great for our trip to Disney. My 5yr old loved it too!

What a great idea for our vacation!! My kids love to wear them too

Easy to read and easy to slip on little wrists.

My son loves wearing it!

Looks great upon arrival and fits well, looking forward to putting it to use in a real world situation whenever things return to getting out and about. I feel a bit more at peace knowing that I have this attached to my little one hopefully I will never need to have it put into action.

Love these. Kids like wearing them. Thanks much!

Awesome Awesome. Great communication and fast response Love the bracelets Thanks so much:)

Absolutely love it! I got a toddler size and it fits my 2 year old great. It will last him awhile too! The colors are true to the site and shipping was faster than expected 🙂 Will definitely recommend to any parent I know. Thanks!