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How to Be Safe During an Earthquake

When the earth trembles, do you and your children know what to do? International Shake Out Day was Oct. 17 but The Shake Out Organization suggests any day is right…

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Back to School Should be Fun

Reducing Back to School Stress

All over the U.S. students are going back to school at all different times. What is consistent is the need for ways to help reduce the stress. Back to School…

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Preventing Hot Car Deaths

I.C.O.E® Bracelet wants to keep our children healthy and alive during these blistering hot days of summer. We’re busy with summer travel – vacations, trips to the pool, lake, water…

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Severe Weather Precautions – Thunderstorms

It’s That Time of Year! Thunderstorms are most likely to occur during the spring and summer and in the afternoon hours. We are well into the season in the U.S.…

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Fun News to Celebrate for a Change

With so much nastiness in the news, it’s time to focus on something positive. This Saturday, March 23 is National Puppy Day – who knew? But everyone loves puppies so…

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7 Signs of a Heart Attack in Women

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