Frostbite and your Personal Safety

With winter off to a strong start, I thought it’s time to share some personal safety info on frostbite. It can affect all of us if we’re not adequately dressed and subject to exposure of the elements.

What exactly is frostbite? According to the Patient website “trusted medical information and support” they say: “Frostbite is an injury that is caused by exposure of parts of your body to temperatures below freezing point. The cold causes freezing of your skin and underlying tissues. The fingers, toes and feet are most commonly affected but other extremities, including the nose, ears and cheeks, can also develop frostbite.”

I almost had several fingers frostbitten over 20 years ago and didn’t realize it. Even now, when my fingers get cold they turn white and often hurt. Wow, not what I expected for not wearing gloves when going out on the town when it was bitter cold.

So, here’s my question, WHY DON’T PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS SUFFER FROSTBITE?  This weekend Gillette Stadium in Boston, an outside stadium, will host the playoffs. So many of the players do not wear any cover on their arms. It’s one thing to be macho but how can they tolerate it? According to the above website, by getting out of the cold, like on the sidelines in front of the heaters, they fend off frostbite. They also have great circulation. With frostbite your circulation is restricted so as long as they’re active, they’re okay.

The website goes on to say frostbite “can affect anyone who is exposed to low temperatures (below freezing) – in particular, those who wear inadequate clothing. If you have underlying health problems such as narrowing of the arteries, mainly occurring in the legs (peripheral arterial disease) or diabetes, you have an increased risk of developing frostbite.” (There’s that inadequate clothing remark.)

Bottomline, wear gloves and hats and stay covered to protect yourself. Spring is right around the corner!  And don’t forget to wear your I.C.O.E. emergency contact bracelets with all your winter gear.

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