Each I.C.O.E. Safety Bracelet is made from two layers of 100% silicone.  The bracelets are glued together and should not separate at the seam.  They are hypoallergenic, latex-free and have no velcro, buckles or clasps to fiddle with putting them on.  Ours just slips over your wrist.  They’re soft and supple and you never even know you’re wearing them.


DO NOT LET CHILDREN CHEW OR SUCK on their bracelet. Because I.C.O.E. bracelets are made from 100% silicone, they get slippery when wet and could pose a choking hazard.


When you first receive your bracelet, we recommend washing it with soap and water. That’s also exactly how to care for your bracelet. Simply wash it with soap and water to remove any dirt or body oils. You never have to take it off if you don’t want too since its waterproof, hypoallergenic and latex free so feel free to shower with it.


The easiest way to put an I.C.O.E. Bracelet on without stretching the engraving is to put two fingers inside the bracelet and use a circular motion as you push the bracelet up to the wrist.  The easiest way to remove the bracelet is while washing your hands, simply reach up and slide it off.  Silicone becomes slippery when wet.  Yanking the bracelet off only stretches the engraving and could damage or tear the bracelet.


We make ordering a custom bracelet easy! There are 3 things you must do: Select Color, Select Size and Enter 1or 2 emergency contact numbers or check the box if you do not want to include any. You then order your design for child or personal safety ID bracelets. If you order an allergy or medical ID be sure to indicate your conditions or use the special instructions box.

How to Select your Size – Using a tape measure, measure your wrist and add ½” then select the closest size. You don’t want the bracelet too tight since it has to stretch to go over your hand. I.C.O.E. Bracelets are approximately ½” wide and come in 3 sizes. Inside dimensions are:

Small/Toddler    5.9” (150 mm)
Medium/Youth   7.1” (180 mm)
Large/Adult         7.9” (202mm)

Select the Color – 12 colors to choose from:  Black, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Forest Green, Orange, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Leather Brown and Gray.  You can scroll over a color and the picture will change to show that color so you’ll see how the bracelet will look engraved.

Select the Design – The drop down menu shows a variety of designs to engrave onto the bracelet.  We have 50+ designs for the whole family.  Should you only want your emergency contact numbers no design, please check the box stating “No Design Needed”.

Allergy ID Bracelet Info – Select your allergies from the dropdown menu and use the Special Instructions Box to add those not on the list.  We like to use the crossed out symbol for up to 3 allergies on the Small size and 4 allergies on the Medium and Large sizes.  If you have more allergies than that, we suggest using the multi-allergy design that just notes “Allergies:” then lists them all.  We can fit numerous allergies on the bracelet depending on the length of the word. If you do not want the crossed out icons, please indicate it in the instructions.

Medical ID Bracelet Info – Check the box to indicate a prescription or for the medical conditions that need to be engraved on your bracelet.  Use the Special Instructions Box to note prescriptions and medical conditions not listed.

Spelling – Be very careful with your spelling.  We will engrave just as you’ve typed the information.  We reserve the right to arrange the information to best fit on each bracelet.

Emergency Contact Numbers – You can enter 1 or 2 contact numbers or check the box indicating no numbers are needed.  Please confirm your numbers as we will engrave them exactly as entered on the order.  We use a hyphen around the area code and always encourage using an area code.  IF you do not want any emergency contact numbers please check the box.  Otherwise we think it’s an oversight and will contact you delaying your order.

Special Instructions Box – Here’s where you talk to us.  Include any special medical or allergy details in this section. If requested, we will add your name to the bracelet for adults only.  We do not put a child’s name on their bracelet for security reasons.  We usually like to engrave “my name is…” so there’s no confusion with the person wearing the bracelet and the emergency contact numbers.  We can also include blood type, particularly for the bicyclists, runners and triathletes. We will contact you with any questions on your instructions.

Order Phone Number and Email Address – We ask for this information should we need to contact you about your order.  We also need phone numbers to ship internationally for customs forms.  We retain that information in our stamps.com database and will not sell it to anyone – ever.

Payment Method – We accept all credit cards through PayPal.  We are a PayPal Verified vendor.  For security purposes, your credit card information remains with PayPal, not on the I.C.O.E. Bracelet server or website.  As a matter of fact, your confidential credit card info never enters our website, it goes straight to PayPal.

Shipping & Handling

Most bracelets are delivered within 2 weeks of order receipt within the US.  An email notification from stamps.com will contain a tracking number when the shipping label is printed.  The tracking code becomes active once the package has been scanned by the post office. You can use that code to see where your package is on its journey to you.

We recently updated our shipping costs due to U.S. postal changes.  International was mainly affected because the mail class we used to ship under is no longer available for our products.  Given the higher cost, it’s best if you order multiple bracelets since the shipping costs won’t vary with additional bracelets added.

International orders can take up to 4 weeks to arrive – particularly New Zealand and Australia.  We do our part getting it to the post office but it just takes time.


  • $4.99 Domestic First Class
  • $14.75 Canada
  • $18.00 New Zealand
  • $17.00 Other International – Mexico, Australia, Europe.  To ship to the EU, please go to our Etsy shop where VAT taxes are managed. We cannot ship into Ireland or Germany at this time on either Etsy or our website due to country issues.
  • Here are links to our various Etsy listings and you can navigate from there. Allergy bracelet http://etsy.com/listing/92581890  or for design start with http://etsy.com/listing/61242498 and for medical http://etsy.com/listing/243344352
  • You can message us with any questions at sales@icoebracelet.com.

Get your order Faster with Rush Service!

Rush Fee $5.00

Due to the outrageous cost of expedited shipping, we do not offer it.  But we do offer a Rush Service that expedites your order production to get your bracelet made and mailed ASAP – usually within a day or two of the order receipt.  Mail delivery is usually 1-3 days, 4 days in some remote areas of the US.  Packages are shipped from Louisville, Kentucky.

If you have a special need, contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate you – 800-351-6263.