This is what emergency contact bracelets are all about!

I have to relate a story to you from a recent customer. As you might remember, recently there were bomb scares at numerous Jewish Community Centers (JCC) around the country. Fortunately they were scares and not real bombs but this customer’s mother was impacted. Here’s what she wrote to us:

“I don’t know if you heard about the bomb threats against multiple JCCs yesterday across the country? Well my mom was in the pool in an aerobics class at the time. She had to stand out in the cold in her bathing suit and no shoes for a while (they were given towels and one man eventually gave her a pair of shoes – men’s size 12 lol. She couldn’t remember our phone numbers since they were in her phone, which was in the locker! She wasn’t able to get back to the gym for a few more hours to retrieve her clothes, phone, keys, etc. Couple with her being her mid 70’s I thought this was a great idea!”

After that ordeal she’s surprising her mom with an I.C.O.E. bracelet with her and her sister’s phone numbers on them. Her daughter says she’s a pretty together mom and she must be to suffer through hanging outside in your bathing suit for hours. And what a woman to be in her mid-70’s and doing water aerobics!

Its sad and frustrating to know several JCC’s were targeted with bomb scares but I guess that’s the world we live in. It’s great to see our I.C.O.E. Bracelets serving their purpose of providing emergency contact numbers and providing peace of mind for loved ones. I know her daughters will feel better knowing their numbers are on their mom’s wrist.   That’s what I.C.O.E. Bracelets is all about!

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About the Author:  Michele Redmon is the owner of I.C.O.E. Bracelets. She loved the peace of mind these bracelets provide so much she bought the company. She loves talking to her customers so drop her a line –