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Back to School Should be Fun

Reducing Back to School Stress

All over the U.S. students are going back to school at all different times. What is consistent is the need for ways to help reduce the stress. Back to School time should be fun, fresh and exciting; not stressful. Preparation is the key.

Uncertainty Produces Anxiety

Develop a Back to School Routine

• Routines provide predictability and some level of certainty to help reduce back to school anxiety. This might include when to bathe, time for breakfast, take my lunch or get it at school, where to catch my bus or ride, etc.

Schedule Activities

• A schedule gives you something to look forward to and is a plan that again provides some certainty.

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Create a List of Lunch Ideas

• This is critical if you have a medical or allergy condition that requires special foods to eat or avoid. Don’t forget an I.C.O.E. Allergy Bracelet for your student or an I.C.O.E. Medical Bracelet. Some form of ID can help teachers and other students be aware of the condition.

Get Your Kids on the School Sleep Schedule

• Practice getting up early the week before to reduce the sleepy eyes when school starts.

Create a Distraction Free Homework Zone

• That includes the right lighting, no Television or Music, the right desk or chair, etc.

Just a few tips to help you get off on the right foot and turn back to school anxiety into back to school excitement. It’s time to get excited about learning new things, meeting new people and seeing friends after a long summer off.

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