Peanut Allergy Bracelet

Peanut allergies can be mild or life threatening. Wearing an I.C.O.E. Bracelet calls out not only the peanut allergy and your emergency contact numbers, but we also can engrave immediate instructions.  Emergency instructions like:

  • Carries EpiPen
  • EpiPen in Purse
  • Give EpiPen & Call 911

Wearing an allergy bracelet is a “must” if your reaction is severe.  Our soft silicone bracelets and fun colors make them fun to wear.  Much more fun than a metal necklace or bracelet. And children will “want” to wear them instead of “have” to wear them.

And if you have more than a peanut allergy, we can combine numerous allergies on one bracelet no matter the size.  Buy yours today!

Kids and adults like our Peanut allergy bracelets because they are so easy to wear. Put them on and forget about them. The engraving won’t wear or wash off and you can wear them all the time – even in the shower.