Introducing Our Fresh, New Website

A new, fresh look for the I.C.O.E. Bracelet website! We wanted to add brightness and fun to the serious subject of who to contact in case of an emergency. In addition to the emergency contact numbers, we have more fun designs and colors to choose from for child and personal safety. We’ve also tried to add some fun to the serious subject of allergy IDs and medical IDs. Our selections have been expanded and we still have the “special instructions” box to write in your specific allergy or medical condition if it’s not on our list.

But the big addition is the Add On-Design option. NOW, instead of asking, encouraging or even threatening your children to wear their medical or allergy ID, they will WANT TO. Because you can add a fun design of images they love – trains, butterflies, dogs, rockets, ladybugs, cats or dogs. For a modest fee, this addition could eliminate the worry if the child is wearing their ID bracelet. They may not even want to take them off. Our emergency contact bracelets are so soft you can sleep in them! Many children and adults do! So have fun looking at the site and let us know what you think. There’s more to come on other changes. Until then, wishing you the best!

Abut the Author:
Michele Redmon is the owner of I.C.O.E. Bracelets. She loved the peace of mind these bracelets provide so much she bought the company. She’s experienced first hand the benefits of having emergency contact numbers on your wrist. And she loves talking to her customers so drop her a line.