Packing School Lunches for Children with Food Allergies (part 2)

Now that you have a plan, here are some tips for making those lunch packing days easier.

Equipped to Eat

When you pack a lunch everyday having the right supplies can make all of the difference. Here’s what I suggest you start with:

  • A great lunchbox that can withstand the wear and tear of packing every day – it’s worth the investment!
  • Reusable containers. Not only is this an earth friendly option but you will spend a fortune on plastic bags packing lunch every day otherwise.
  • A table mat or covering to eat off of so food does not come in contact with tables or other eating surfaces.
  • A good quality water bottle with a straw that will be enclosed when not in use.
  • A good thermos for taking hot items to school like soup and spaghetti.
  • Don’t forget an C.O.E bracelet with allergy and emergency contact information.

For more great information on what equipment to add to your supply list and see what my daughter uses, check out my blog post from earlier this summer on preparing for school when you have food allergies.

Next week, Part 3!

About Tami:

Tami Pyles is the Founder of Thrive On Consulting. She works with individuals and families with food allergies to learn practical day-to-day management strategies to Thrive On; and she provides food allergy training and education to groups and companies. She is a certified AllerCoach and a food allergy mom who manages her daughter’s life-threatening food allergies. She is a national speaker on food allergies and has been published several times on food allergy topics. She also has her own blog, Thoughts for Thriving On, where she shares ideas for living safely with food allergies. She lives in Louisville, KY with her husband and two daughters, and is actively involved in the local food allergy community. You can also follow Tami on Facebook and Twitter.