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Weekend Warrior Safety

Weekend warriors need to be safety conscious as they go about their running, bicycling, swimming, kickboxing, power lifting, basketball etc. If you’re one of those who push themselves much harder on the weekends than during the week, you could be prone to injury. Exercise physiologists say to stretch adequately as part of your warm-up before exercising. Some say start slow and be sure to stretch afterwards as you cool down. The main point is to stretch! And don’t forget to carry some emergency contact information like an I.C.O.E. Bracelet. The information could be helpful to EMTs if something serious happened to you.

Making time for Exercise
It’s hard spending all your time during the week balancing your work, family and other obligations. For many that means the weekend is the only time they have to exercise. But to cram all your weekly exercise into a weekend will not only give you sore muscles but leave you prone to strains, tendonitis or more serious injuries. Here are some tips on how to extend some of your weekend warrior attitude throughout the week.

Set up a Schedule
It’s hard to find time to get your exercise in no matter how hard you try. A co-worker of mine used to get up at 4:30 and 5:00 in the morning to exercise before heading to the office. But by lunchtime you may be spent and ready for a nap. It’s a routine you can get into if you try and if you have the fortitude to crawl out of bed when the alarm goes off. Only you can motivate yourself.

Workout Buddy
Finding a workout buddy can be a secondary motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Remember, you and your exercise goals are the primary motivation. If you agree to meet at the gym or park at a certain time, it helps to get your exercise routine in when you’ve committed to someone else. You don’t want to be a “no show“ disappointing your buddy or pretty soon you won’t have one. The right buddy can also spur you to work harder, longer and smarter.

Sometimes just having a buddy on the weekend can lock in that time for you before the family and other spontaneous needs crop up. You get up, get your exercise then face everything else that will fill your day. But most of all, enjoy your exercise whether it’s throughout the week or weekend warrior.

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