Let’s Play Ball – Safely

Team logo with player number and name

As little league and intramural baseball and softball season gets into full swing, there are some pretty simple ways to avoid and prevent injury. You know the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With all the throwing, catching and sliding into bases a variety of motions and muscles are susceptible to injury.

Overuse is a far more common injury than a traumatic injury. So how do you avoid that? First and foremost communication is key. Coaches need to encourage their players to tell them or their parents that something is hurting. Particularly the “star” players who might think they need to tough it out for the team. They could really hurt themselves by continuing to aggravate an elbow or shoulder.

So here are some tips on how to better prepare for the season courtesy of the National Safety Council Family Safety & Health Summer 2017 publication:

  • Protective Eyewear – glasses or goggles made of polycarbonate or similar material
  • Properly fitting shoes with rubber – never metal – spikes
  • Athletic supporter and cups for boys
  • For Catchers: Helmets with face guards, throat guards, knee pads and chest protectors
  • For Batters: Properly fitting batting helmets and face guards
  • “Safety baseballs” made of a softer material

A local baseball coach made custom bracelets for his ball team to show support. Each parent wore a bracelet in the team color that had the team logo, the player’s number and their first name. What a way to show support! They opted not to include emergency contact numbers but we could add that if desired. What a fun way to support your local team. Contact us if you are interested in creating a custom bracelet for your ball team.

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About the Author:  Michele Redmon is the owner of I.C.O.E. Bracelets. She loves the peace of mind these bracelets provide to parents, grandparents and children. With customer service a priority, she loves talking to her customers so drop her a line at mredmon@icoebracelets.com.