‘Freshers Week’ and Emergency Contact Bracelets help Students Feel Safe

University Students Feel Safer During ‘Freshers Week’

The need for emergency contact bracelets goes beyond children and those with allergy or medical conditions. Several colleges in the United Kingdom offered emergency contact bracelets to their ‘Freshers’ or incoming freshman students.  It’s a novel concept only the UK could develop and jump on. They did their homework and there’s truly a need.

‘Freshers Week’

Freshers’ week, which usually starts around September 18, is the annual rite of passage for new university students in the UK. A week of parties helps them settle into university life and make new friends before lectures begin.

It conjures up images of drunken students away from home for the first time stumbling out of bars and nightclubs. But their unfamiliarity with their new surroundings can lead to safety concerns, with police issuing annual advice to help stop them becoming victims of crime.

Last year, an alarming national survey revealed that 85 per cent of taxi drivers have picked up drunk passengers who can’t remember or communicate where they’re going. Many even had trouble remembering where their new accommodation was located, according to research by insurance broker insureTAXI.

Campus Living Villages has created the wristbands to ensure all residents at its student accommodation arrive home safely. The wristbands were piloted at the Salford Student Village last year and proved popular with residents who were said to feel safer carrying them. (But they should wear them since they are festival style and in all different colors.)

Students will be given wristbands printed with their address and an emergency phone number so they can find their way home if they get too drunk during Freshers Week. Richard Gabelich, CEO for Campus Living Villages UK, said: “Thousands of students across the UK are set to start university and move away from home for the first time.

There will be lots of fun social events and activities going on to help them meet new friends and explore their new locations. “We want our students to enjoy the time they spend within the cities and towns they are living in, safely and responsibly.

Ensure Student Safety

“We believe these wristbands will go some way to ensuring that safety and reduce any concerns for our residents as well as help foster a spirit of community we strive for in every one of our villages.   Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/essentials/news/education/freshers-week-wristbands-will-help-drunk-students-get-home/

These bracelets serve a purpose with every dormitory resident (or ‘campus living village’ resident in the UK) having the same information so they’ll be returned to their dorm. I.C.O.E. Bracelets are different in that each individual bracelet has your personal emergency contact numbers engraved so they won’t wear or wash off. It’s up to you what you put on the rest of the bracelet – allergy/medical/design or perhaps your dorm or fraternity/sorority house! We can work with you.

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About the Author:  Michele Redmon is the owner of I.C.O.E. Bracelets. She loves the peace of mind these bracelets provide to parents, grandparents and children. With customer service a priority, she loves talking to her customers so drop her a line at mredmon@icoebracelets.com.