Speak Out About Allergies

Airline travelers inconsiderate of those with allergies

I have to share a story I encountered months back. I was traveling on a major airline and in my row across the aisle were two parents caring for their young child in the middle seat. (I did not see the child.) I watched as they lowered her tray and proceeded to pour the peanuts into the cup recess on the tray.

To Speak or Stay Quiet

I was mortified! It was one of those moments when you try to decide – do I say something or just let it go? I decided to say something! Then as they deplaned, I was so taken aback by the physical disability of the child that I wasn’t about to disturb them. Did I chicken out? Probably but I thought they had far more things to deal with than where they put their peanuts. But I would have liked to enlighten them on the perils their actions put someone with peanut allergies in.

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Multiple Allergy designs

Peanut Dangers

Most people who are not around those suffering from severe allergies have no appreciation for the dangers that loom in something as simple as a peanut. While it helps to travel with disinfectant wipes, being considerate of shared public spaces wouldn’t hurt either.

Tami Pyles, owner of Thrive On Consulting and a guest blogger for us, wipes down the seats, trays and all areas on a plane before her child can be seated, and advises her clients to do the same.   Exposure to even a trace amount of an allergen could trigger an anaphylactic reaction.  And who wants to risk that at 30,000 feet?  Many opt to drive instead of flying for that reason.

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About the Author:  Michele Redmon is the owner of I.C.O.E. Bracelets. She loves the peace of mind these bracelets provide to parents, grandparents and children. With customer service a priority, she loves talking to her customers so drop her a line at mailto:mredmon@icoebracelets.com