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Hiring Autistic Workers – no need for medical id bracelets

Tech Giants don’t need to ID Autistic workers

No Autistic medical Id is needed at tech giants like Microsoft and SAP because they don’t see autism as a disability but an asset. That makes many well-educated autistic college grads highly desirable for their high intellect and meticulous attention to detail. Special programs within these companies look past the differences and see how wonderfully these individuals can contribute to their organizations.

National Autism Awareness Day

In case you missed it, in honor of National Autism Awareness Day on April 2, CBS News ran a short story about hiring adults on the autism spectrum who have flourished in several organizations. Several of these companies provide mentors to help them assimilate. They report a 90% retention rate among those hired with autism.

CBS Sunday Morning originally aired the story in an 11:30 video segment. Here’s a link to the story

Giving Hope

Those involved say these company programs provide hope to the autism community, to the parents and the children.   They look past their differences, see the gifts they have to offer and let them contribute to society like everyone else.

So for all those with young children who may need an Autism ID bracelet try and be hopeful that one day your children will grow up and contribute as these stories portray.

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