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How to Help an Allergic Reaction to Food

Food Allergies Are Increasing

32 million Americans have food allergies! There has been a dramatic increase in the last few years by those affected by food allergies. You are fortunate if your family has the freedom to eat what you want without regard to ingredients or processing. But chances are you are in contact with someone who manages a food allergy.

Helping Those With Food Allergies

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Wash Your Hands

The simple act of washing hands can remove food proteins and keep it safe for those with food allergies.  Even trace amounts of food protein can trigger a reaction in someone who is highly allergic.  Hand sanitizers do not remove food proteins, so lather up and wash your hands in soapy warm water.

Plan for People With Food Allergies

If you are hosting a party or event take into consideration if guests have food allergies.  Talk with your food-allergic guests (or parents) and come up with a plan to help keep them safe and included. Two great ways to keep celebrations safe are to offer allergy-friendly food options (Enjoy Life Foods makes great products free of the Top 8 allergens) and offer non-food treats as party favors.   

Be Mindful in Public Places

Be aware of foods you consume in public places, like parks.  Eating peanut butter crackers or letting a child walk around with a sippy cup full of milk could leave food particles behind that could create a dangerous situation for someone with a food allergy.  Confine your food consumption to one area and be sure to clean up the area (and your hands) after you are finished.

Food allergies present a real danger!  For those managing a food allergy, they add a lot of stress and anxiety to daily life. You can be a friend to those with food allergies by following these simple steps and helping those with food allergies to thrive on!

About the Author: Tami Pyles lives is the founder of Thrive On Consulting- Food Allergy Support and Training.  To learn more about managing food allergies visit